Working closely with fully qualified plumbers we can offer a full range of plumbing services;


Leak trace, access and repairs

Installation or replacement of plumbing items such as taps, sinks, toilets

Electric Boiler or Heat Exchanger servicing (as per manufacturer recommendations)

Immersion cylinder or electric boiler repairs or replacement (including unvented systems)

Detailed Annual Plumbing Inspections *see below for more info



*Annual Plumbing Inspections consist of a visual inspection of any plumbing within a property. A full report is sent following the inspection which notes any defects found.


The inspection includes such items as pipe work (feed and waste), toilets, basins, baths, showers, boilers, hot water heaters, kitchen sink, water-based appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines. The integrity of silicone and/or grout where needed, i.e. around showers/baths/kitchen sinks.


We highly recommend plumbing inspections are carried out on an annual basis, especially in rental properties where "small" defects can sometimes be left unchecked by tenants until the issue is no longer a "small" issue, sometimes resulting in damage to the property itself or surrounding properties.


Reason to consider Plumbing Inspection:

The main reason we suggest Plumbing Inspections is for insurance purposes.


In 2010 one of our clients (a large London-Based Property Management Company) had a major leak from a boiler in a rental accommodation in a block of apartments.


The buildings insurance company and the landlords own insurance company both refused to settle the claim for damages to the eight properties below that the leak had affected and as a result the landlord was forwarded a very large bill for damages.


Both insurance companies in question refused to cover the claim on the same basis, that the landlord could not prove he had taken "due care" to ensure the plumbing installations within the property was "safe and secure, with no leaks or faults or potential issues left unchecked".


Since this incident we recommend Plumbing Inspections especially in rental properties in blocks of flats as there is then clear "proof" to insurance companies that the owner is taking measures to ensure the safety and operation of plumbing within the property itself and should there ever be an issue the documentation can be produced.



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